Print to PDF from Word: Arial changing to Helvetica on conversion

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I'm a new user of PDFCreator, primarily using it for its ability to export a PDF from Word and keeping image quality. The problem I have is that when I export, text in Arial is converted to Helvetica in the final PDF. This is significant because my styles are constrained by industry standards, and (for better or for worse), my end result must be in Arial. I have created sample files, but cannot link or attach them. I can email them upon request.

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Hi Charles,

this is a default behavior but you can disable it by configuring the "Font replacement table" inside the PDFCreator printers properties->device settings

Helvetica is one of the Fonts defined in the PDF standard, while Arial needs to be either installed on the target device or embedded into the PDF (which PDFCreator will do, but it increases the file size).
Since they have the same metrics and there is usually no reason to not use Helvetica instead of Arial, this replacement is enabled by default.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I've made the change to the configured printer, and now everything works as I expect.