Print to PDF

Is there a way to print a DWF file, which has multiple
pages, to a file folder as individual pages on PDF,
rather than the whole document being in 1 file? I am
currently using CutePDF Writer to print to PDF, but it
only prints to file the range of pages as one document
and I want it to print as separate sheets, or files,
without having to manually print to file each sheet.
Thank you for your help..


With PDF Architect you can take any PDF and split it up into single pages using the “Split” tool
which is included in the “Edit” module.

With PDFCreator, you could set up a workarround by having the first printer convert your multipage file to one page jpgs and the “print after saving” function to then automatically print those jpegs to a second pdfcreator printer which converts them into PDFs. Sounds a bit complicated, but it will only take 5-10 minutes to set it up once.
(But has the advantage that the creation of PDF and splitting into single pages is done with one click once setup)