Printed images are divided into horizontal sequences


Many printings of mine lead to images divided into blocks (horizontal
sequences). This is awful for my presentations because they contain a
lot of LD and HD pictures.

The graphic failure concerns all kinds of files (JPEG & PNG), but
not all of the pictures. I have chosen a resolution of 720dpi but it
seems not to be depending on resolution. In PDFCreator general options, I
have chosen ‘automatic compression’ for pictures.

Can you tell me if I may prevent the printing to divide pictures into blocks ?


could you please send us such an image to, we will glady have a look at it.
In the meanwhile, you could try out PDFArchitect as a temporary solution.



I have sent a mail, but delivery failed.

You can check the problem with the following picture :



I have the same probleme.

exist alredy a solution?


! still have the same problem.
I have installed the PDF Creator Version 1.6.0, and the images are also divided into horizontal. I have opened the PDF in Adobe Proffessional an I can move the pices of the picture around.

What can I do?



I have seen this when printing from Acrobat Reader. This seems to be a “feature” of them. If you have been printing from Acrobat, you could try using a different PDF Viewer, like PDF Architect. But this would require that it is not this way in the printed document already.

kind regards,

I have made some tests:
I have a computer (windows 7, 64 bit) only with PDF Creator 1.6.0 and with Adobe Reader. There have been non other PDF-products on this computer. I took a Powerpoint and print the Powerpoint with the PDF-Creator 1.6.0. And the PDF which was created is divided into horizontal.
I never create a PDF for a PDF. I always create PDFs form Word, Excel or Powerpoint.
If you want I can send you bots documents (the Powerpoint and the PDF) to
Every time I create a PDF with this specially Powertoint de PDF is divided into horizontal. The problem is reproducible.
Kind regards