Printer did not get added to Windows XP machine even after installing PDFCreateor 1.2.1

I had an old version of PDFCreator that I have been using for some time. I just saw the announcement today about the newer version (1.2.1) and downloaded it.

When trying to install 1.2.1, it detected the old version (including the directory to put the files in) and warned me about overwriting. I said ok, then it continued. Finally, it complained that there was already a printer named "PDFCreator" and exited.

So, I went to control Panel -> printers and deleted that printer and then restarted the install from the beginning. It complained about existence of a prior i.2.1 installation and wanted to overwrite. I said ok and it continued and apparently finished the installation successfully.

However, the printer "PDFCreator" did not get added to the list of printers. I do not know where the log was generated. I noticed that the Registry had new entries for "PDFCreator", but still there was no printer added.

Anybody else faced this issue and have a solution?


Same story here. I have no solution. I use something else and I am searching on my hard drive for a previous version of PDFCreator.