Printers have disappeared after uninstalling / installing New Version

I had installed PDFcreator 3.4 on our Terminal Server , two week ago and defined several profils.
then deployed them for all users by exporting PDFcreator.ini and put the file into C:\ProgramData\pdfforge\PDFCreator

It worked fine.

Today we 'd like to instal the newer version 3.5. Though we uninstalled PDFcreator 3.4 and install PDFcreator 3.5.
The file C:\ProgramData\pdfforge\PDFCreator\PDFcreator.ini already exists in this directory.
It seems that Nothing has been changed ...
But If i start PDFcreator, I can see all defined profiles but only the PDFcreator Printer remains.

What's about ?
I don't understand why... because all Previously created printers were defined in the PDFCreator.ini ...

Do I have to recreate All printers after installing a new PDFCreator version ?

Thanks in advance

Ok I'just found the issue
Just re-import the PDFcreator.ini manually and confirm to recreate the Printers...


thanks for reporting this, we probably won't be able to fix it for 3.5.1 as it is already in the release-pipeline, but will look at it for one of the next updates.

Best regards