Printing an QR code failed - only red square printed


i installed (on Win 10 64bit) PDF Creator without the PDF Architect and want to print an document with an QR Code on it. When i open the created document i have only an red sqare where the QR Code should be.

With other PDF printers it shows the correct QR Code, only on PDF creator i get this red square.

Any suggestions how i can fix this?

Greets, viper73


I assume this is a problem with embedding the QR code font correctly. Could you send the document to support(at) so we can have a closer look at it? If the original document is an office document or something you can edit, could you try if changing the QR code’s font helps to resolve the issue?
One thing which should work in any case is to first convert the document to an lossless image format like png or tiff and convert it to PDF again afterwards. This will remove any fonts and font related problems, but also render the text on the document into an image, making it unsearchable.

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