Printing and starting an EXE afterwards

I think I am running into a bug.
We start an external program with the created pdf, so far so good.
Now the user wants to print the document first before the external program is started.
We use the Send section in the configuration and select Print and configure a selected printer and choose a printer from the shown list.
The printed document (on the selected printer) is malformed. (Almost 2 cm on the left of a landscape document are cut-off)
Printing the same document by other means to the same printer, works fine.
We use version 3.0.0 but tested it as well with the latest version 3.2.2, same behaviour.

If the printer dialog is shown and the same printer is chosen, it works fine. (But this mean unwanted extra clicks for the user ...)

Any ideas or suggestions?


unfortunately this is a known issue for which we haven't found any solution yet. The work around is to use the script action to print the file with an installed PDF reader, or if you want if fully silent to download SumatraPDF and use it for printing (it is the only reader I am aware of capable of printing to a specific printer completely silently).

Best regards