Printing Chinese Word from SAP


  I have installed the PDFCreator 1.7.0, and I planned to use it to convert the SAP's spools (smartforms, sapcripts, abap list) to PDF.

 The architecture is as following.

 SAP system -> Sapsprint -> PDFCreator.

 PDF file created however the ChineseWord printed as garbage.

 In the SAP System, I tried few different character sets of the Device Type but still return the same result.

Did anyone here successfully printed Chinese Word from SAP to PDFCreator ? ( may be using different architecture than mine ? ) Do you mind to share with me ?

 Thank you very much.

Best Regards,



most of the time the problem is caused by chinese symbols in the metadata like title etc.
If you don´t need the COM object, you could try the new PDFCreator wirtten in C# ( , it is not 100% stable yet, but known issues with chinese characters are solved.