Printing Cut off right side, Scale



my problem:
if i print out an article on a website like the resulting pdf is not only cut off on the right sight and downside but above all the letters are scaled up (maybe to 170%)

my system:
i have a sony 1920x1200 Pixel, using opera 10 (latest)
and due to increased pixel of my display i set my default zoom level on 170% for websites.
I use pdfcreator (latest) and added the latest ghostscript 8.70.
All printoptions of pdfcreator are set on 100% and also the printoptions of the opera browser (file->printoptions) are set on 100%

Before i used opera 9.64 and pdfcreator 0.9.7, same default zoom (170%) and there where never problems like this.

so, pdfcreator takes the scale of the “user prefs” (opera:config), 170%, and NOT the a) printer scale (opera, set 100%) NOR the pdfcreator scale (set 100%).

If i zoom the website to 100% (e.g. by STRG plus -)then the pdf printout is correct.

But to do this for every site that i want to print out is very annoying!!!

Is there any solutions (beside installing the"old" system)?
Maybe by opera:config, or a print.css, or whatever?
I don’t really know computers very well, but if you have any kind of advice or solutions please let me know!

thanks in advance,

I have an almost identical problem, except my screen is a 22-inch Samsung with 1680x1050 resolution, and I am using Firefox 3.5. I have tried shrinking the width of the window, but it does not help. I don't have the problems with IE8, so it seems something in Firefox is causing the problem, but I can't find it in any settings or options.

I don't remember this problem with my old display, ( I don't print a lot, and can't really remember) but I can't find any setting with the new one that could cause this.

Aha! I think I found it. I don't know if this will help Janice with Opera,  but in Firefox click File, and select Print preview. Firefox opens a new screen, and at the top is a SCALE select box. It will drop down to a lot of sizes, and at the bottom is 'shrink to fit'. When I select that, everything seems to get included in the PDF file.

Janice, give it a try in Opera.


Dear Arbyritt, thanks for your advice, I tried this in opera, but unfortunately there is no scale select box. What I can do is to decrease the windowsize at the bottom bar or just by STRG plus - , but this is a little annoying. Above all I wonder why the printouts worked before on those websites (Opera 9.64 with pdfCreator 0.9.8 and latest ghostscript 8.70 installed). But curiously with FireFox 3.5.3, and also defaultscale 170%, the same websites, print outs are perfect.

It was so comfortbale to make my print outs just by STRG + P, no resizing etc etc.

Right now I am writing an email to opera support, because I think there is something wrong with their latest browser version. When I receive help I will let anybody know here.

so long, Janice