Printing PDF Font Issue

Hi all.

I work at a company where one of our products require us to print PDFs from a cloud based system, and save them to PDF on the local machine to read data from it by converting it to text. We've been using PDFCreator's virtual printer to do that.

However, we encountered an issue where, if the embedded fonts in the PDF are Arial Unicode MS, for some reason the PDF changes its fonts after printing and saving, and it becomes Arial Unicode MS#20. This leads to us not being able to convert the PDF into text anymore, and all the characters would somehow be encoded into something else.

Does anyone have any idea about this topic? I appreciate any help since we're stuck on this for a while now. Thank you in advance for your time and help.

I have done some testing and I don't see this behavior.

I have created a MS Word document using Arial Unicode MS with some text using also Italian special characters like à è ì ò ù é €, and printed to a pdf using PDFCreator free version 4.2.0.

Opened the generated pdf with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, selected all text and copied to the clipboard then pasted in an empty new MS Word document and the text is correct.

The same if I use LibreOffice Writer in place of MS Word.

Please give mode details.

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