Problem: Excel to PDF

Hey, I've just downloaded the program (1.2.2). I need to convert some excel files into PDF's. The problem is that one excel page is transformed in 11 pages of PDF's. Following some discussions on the forum made me change the size of the letter (In the beginning I thought that was the problem). Unfortunately, the problem still goes on. I don't know how to establish the adequate parameters. That's why I ask for your help. By the way, I am using the 2nd method (Drag and drop): Once I drop the document, a little window jumps (Microsoft Virtual Basic) with a red "X" and no text at all. I click two times "Accept" and follow the next steps and save the document on PDF CREATOR. Immediately, the printer says is going to print a document of 11 pages and closes (most of times) the excel page, saying there's been an error. All in all, this is how the final document looks like... Thanks in advance, Arturo.