Problem launching script when the output file type is an image


We are working in one proyect with PDFcreator and we have a
problem. We need to execute automatically a script after autosaving but
it doesnt work. Nothing happends.

We test with simple scripts (like as PopUpMessage.vbs) and they dont work also.

need to save it as .PNG (with single file for page). Anyway, we havent
found any problem if we use the file output as .PDF. We tried with other
file types like .BMP or .JPG but it doesnt work, the script is not

File input is .SNP, if you needed.

We are using last PDFcreator version 1.5.1 and Windows XP SP3.

Is there any problem to execute a script when we save as image file? Could someone help us?

Thanks, best regards


first tests suggests that it is the “file per page” option not working together with ActionsAfterSaving, can you confirm this?
(printing a single page jpeg worked for me)



Hi Robin

Thanks for respond us. We have tested it and you are right. ActionsAfterSaving doesnt work when printing “file per page”. We dont see any solution at this point, so we will execute the script manually after files are printed.

Best regards