Problem saving with filename of non-English characters

When I use PDFCreator, and the Document Title in the PDFCreator dialog is in Hebrew, this is passed on to the Save As dialog and if I click save nothing happens - the PDF file isn't created (or at least I can't see it).

If I change the Document Title to English, and the English name is passed on to the Save As, everything works OK.

If I leave the Document Title in Hebrew but in the Save As dialog change the filename (from the one in Hebrew passed on) to an English one, everything works OK.  The PDF file is created with the English filename, and within it I can see the Hebrew Document Title (Document properties).

Is this normal behavior for PDFCreator ? not to work properly with Hebrew filenames? (or other languages for that matter).

This behavior has been going of for me ever since I started using PDFCreator, version 0.97 I think.  On more than one computer.  Windows XP SP3.

Other than this I don't have any problems with the Hebrew.

Any help appreciated.  Thanks