Problem to search string in the input file with vbscript


I have installed last version of PdfCreator. Before, i was in 1.2.x(?) version.

I have a VBScript called in actions "running before saving" which research characters string in the input file.

Today, this program does'nt recognize the researched string while it was ok in precedent version.

I checked the parameters and options of PdfCreator and only Ghostscript version had changed.

I don't understand this problem. Please, could someone help me ?

Thanks to all contributors to this excellent program.

Sorry for my approximate English.


could you post the script here or send it to us by mail?
We can gladly have a look at it.




Thanks for your answer.

Here is my script :

Option Explicit

Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8

Dim ftmp, ftxt, sep, deb, fin, chaine, txt, item, msg, motdeb, lgdeb, motfin
Dim objArgs, fname, fso, f, fstr

' Initialisation *********************
motdeb = "OOOO"
motfin = "OOOO"
sep = " "
chaine = "noged"
Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments

' Contrôles ************************
If objArgs.Count = 0 Then
 MsgBox "This script needs a parameter!", vbExclamation, "Recherche avant"
End If

fname = objArgs(0)  ' contient le nom du fichier à imprimer

msgbox("le fichier : " & fname)

' Lecture du contenu du fichier à imprimer
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(fname, ForReading,,-1)
fstr = f.ReadAll

msgbox("le texte : " & fstr)

' Recherche d'une chaine bornée par motdeb et motfin contenant des paramètres séparés par sep

lgdeb = len(motdeb)
deb = InStr(1,fstr,motdeb)
fin = InStr(deb+lgdeb,fstr,motfin)
msgbox("début = " & deb & chr(13) & "fin = " & fin)

If deb<>0 Then ' la chaine est trouvée
  chaine = Mid(fstr,deb+lgdeb,fin-deb-lgdeb)
  msg = chaine & chr(13)
  txt = Split(chaine," ")
  for each item in txt
    msg = msg & item & chr(13)
  msgbox ("propriétés :" & chr(13) & msg)
End If

' Ecriture d'un fichier temporaire de paramètres destinés à la GED

ftmp = "\"  & "GEDIC-" & objArgs(1) & objArgs(2) & ".txt"  ' objArgs(1)= objArgs(2)=
ftxt = chaine
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(ftmp, ForWriting, True)
f.Write ftxt



it is probably caused by <REDMON_USER> and <REDMON_SESSIONID>, as these tokens don’t exist any more. You can find a list of all currently usable tokens here:



Hi Robin,

This is not the problem, with correct tokens there is the same phenomen : the text borned by "OOOO" is not founded, the variable "fstr" is empty and "deb" and "fin" are null.

Here is the text in à file.txt I want to to convert in pdf and in which I want to search a specific text : "Ceci est un fichier texte de test PdfCréator par JCV il contient cette chaine OOOOparam nature type tiers refOOOO qui contient les paramètres et mots clés du fichier pdf à créer."

Could you make test with these elements to constate and explain me my problem.

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 

Thank you very much.


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