Problem with barcodes in PDF


I am using PDF creator to print documents where are barcodes used - barcodes are represented via CODE39 true type font.
When printing to physical printer or using print preview, barcode is displayed correctly. But when printing to PDF creator (with auto save), barcodes are not present in PDF file.

I tried old version 1.2, 1.7  and latest 2.1.1, nothing helped.
OS version os Windows 7 32b Professional.

On other computer with PDF Creator 2.1 and Windows 7, everything works normally and barcodes in PDF are printed.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Martin.


it could be related to the systems postscript driver (pscript5.dll) you could check if those are both the same version and try replacing the problematic one if they aren’t.

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My application generates a ticket with a barcode using a True Type font, intercalado 2 de 5 and prints correctly in Bullzip printers, Doro, CutePDF etc. PDF Creator is not generating my application bar code, installed version 2.1 and does not generate the barcode well. How do I report the error to the support of pdfforge?


posting it here will usually do. 
If you have a sample document you could send to support(at), we will have a look at the problem (original document or the .ps file from printing the original document) .

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I'm having the same problem.

If I open the PDF on Adobe it prints fine but on architect it open ok but as soon as you go to print is changes the barcode. You can even see the change on the print preview.


sorry for the trouble. This thread and forum is for PDFCreator issues, in order to get support for your issue please create a ticket for the PDF Architect team here:

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