Problem with copy/paste text

since we moved our company to the new microsoft's browser Chromium, we are not able to generate PDFs with PdfCreator from chromium with "copyable" text.
I mean that our pdfs are readable but when we copy/paste text we obtain wrong characters.

We're using pdfcreator 4.2.0

Anyone has experienced this?


The same printing to PDFCreator a web page from Google Chrome!

Has this been addressed? I make pdfs by printing from Chome. I can copy the text, but when I paste what is copied, the text is completely garbled. Help please.

I have a business license. How has this topic never been responded to?

I have tested with Opera and shows the same issue.

I have tested with Firefox and in the resulting pdf copy/paste works as expected.

A problem only of the Chromium-based browsers?


here you will find the answer to your question, which has not changed so far: Printing page at chrome - erro on find text

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