Problem with excel file and context menu "Create pdf editor"

The command itself has nothing to do with PDFCreator or the PDFCreator version, it is simply the command which gets called when you tell the system to print a .xlsx file to a specific printer. It should be possible to directly execute the command from a command line, e.g “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE” /q “path to some xlsx file” /j “printername” will print the specified file to the specified printer; if this doesn’t work, then something in your Excel installation seems to be broken.

Do you have the lastest Excel update installed on the problematic machine?

same message, if i send command from command prompt.
The machines are update.

The command simply runs Excel with the specified parameters; does it now show the correct file name in the error message? Does the error message use printername.xlsx or filename.xlsx in its description?

the filename is wrong, but it shows PDFCreator.xlsx

Reinstalling Excel on the machine might help, if you haven’t tried that already. If the command itself doesn’t work, there is no chance for PDFCreator to convert the file through the context menu, since it will use this command to send the document to the virtual PDFCreator printer.

I’ll try to reinstall it…
Thank you.