Problem with VB6 and PDFCreator (ActiveX: Can't create object)



i have written a VB6 application for converting a directory full of *.doc to *.pdf.

Base was the script convert2pdf.vbs, which was shipped with PDFCreator.

All works fine on my PC. But it doesn't on any other PC (all XP SP2, line my PC).

All other PCs get the error message: ActiveX Can't create object at this code:

Option Explicit


public WithEvents PDFCreator1 As PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator


Public Sub Konvertieren




Set PDFCreator1 = New PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator    ' that is the line that raises the error




End Sub


The script convert2pdf.vbs works on every PC.

I also tested a command like


Dim a As New clsPDFCreator


which also works withou error on all PCs


The shipped VB6 samples from PDFCreator also don't work on the other PCs (except mine) with the same error.


Can anyone help me?


Thanx in advance