Problems with-dPermissions flag

Hi everybody,

I would like to set the permission to "Allow comments" to all PDF files I create with PDFCreator by adding "-dPermissions=-4" (allowing all) in the Ghostscript section but it doesn't work.

Please help - THX

Why do you want these way and not default options? This should work.

Hi Frank,

first up thank you for PDFCreator, an excellent application.

Using the default options in PDFCreator I'm not able to comment the outcoming PDF files. The perminssion to comment is denied.

After a long research I found the " -dPermissions " flag but the documenation - even by adobe - how to set the correct permission bits is VERY confusing and unclear.

But like many other people I need to comment my PDF files.

By the way: Would you please correct my username from chabermu1 to chabermu. By registering I've had a typo in my e-mail address and I found no way to correct it by myself.

I have the same problem, so ¿It is posible to do that? I really need to make my PDF with the comments allowed.



> I'm not able to comment the outcoming PDF files.
Which program do you use for commenting?


>Which program do you use for commenting?

Adobe Reader 8.1.4

This is impossible. The Adobe Reader has no such feature. Please use Adobe Acrobat. Than you will see that it works.

Frank, since version 8 Adobe Reader HAS such a feature:

The ability to comment a PDF depends if the permission flag of the PDF file is set or not. By default, this flag is not set by ghostscript, so you have to set it using the "-dPermissions=" parameter but the documentation how to set it is VERY confusing.

So I need help for doing that.

I have the same need.  I'd like to use the comments feature of Adobe Reader 9. But any PDF I print using PDFCreator has the Comments security set to Not Allowed (Document -> Security -> Show Security Properties).

I haven't found any settings in PDFCreator that will enable the default security permissions to change.  I did find that you could Not Allow some additional features by modifying the PDF Format directly under the security tab and using encryption and password.   But nothing that would allow comments to be added.

My basic need is to add notes/comments to PDF documents I create for meetings.  Rather than printing them out and wasting the paper, I'd like the be able to just add the notes to the PDF itself.

Thanks for the help!


I would like to set the permission to "Allow comments" to all PDF files I create with PDFCreator by adding "-dPermissions=-4" (allowing all) in the Ghostscript section but it doesn't work.


Firstable, If I have Adobe Acrobat, why would I be using PDFCreator to do the same thing?

I have created a document in MS Word 2003 and created a pdf with PDFCreator 1.0. I tried different security settings but none seems to allow me to add comments using Adobe reader 9.0.  I have an Adobe-created document in which comments have been allowed and I can certainly add comments, sticky notes, arrows, etc., using the reader only, so Adobe Acrobat is not needed.

Is it possible to add comments with PDFCreator or not???




+1 from me on the need to create pdfs that allow users to add comments when using Acrobat reader.

Even with security turned on and Disallow Usert to Modify comments unchecked, I can't add comments.  Disappointing indeed.

Hi Frank.
I’m using PDFCreator 1.3.2 and my company provides just Adobe Reader XI to read and post comments.
Even though I can place comments on the PDF created with PDFCreator, I can’t save the updated version because some restriction to update.
I tried to find the right configuration on PDFCreator but no chance.
There is any idea about it Frank?


did you set an owner password in PDFCreator? The security settings are the only thing I can think of which might be causing the issue.
PDFCreator 1.3.2 is several years old and no longer supported, could you update or is the version restricted by your companies IT?

Best regards