Problems withy PDFCreator 1.4.1 in server mode

Hi guys !

First thanks for the software that's still really useful ! Here's what we experienced with the latest version, as weel as an older one for the record (if it can help people tracking evolutions of problems)...

Current issue

We just tried the latest version of PDFCreator (1.4.1) and installed it on our server - in server mode, all default options - and experienced problems with the configurations: it seems that even though we could create new profiles, those ones couldn't be saved: same problem by importing existing .ini files.

It's to be noticed that we were using a 2 years old version before this update (see next for the main problem we encountered) and then we uninstalled the software before the 1.4.1 install: the Windows Registry seemed to be clean.

So to avoid that issue, we just got a previous version (1.3.0) and applied it instead (which is now ok).

About our old version issue

We use multiple PDFCreator printers with different autosaving parameters and many times, during printing from different sources, the configuration of the called printers were messed up (for instance: the dialog for manually saving files appeared on the server, which blocked the whole spooler, hence the user tasks).



there is a bug but it will be fixed in the next version, you can read more about it here: .





Hey ! Good to know, thanks for the reply !