Professional PDF Templates Location?

Where does one find the professional PDF templates mentioned in the ‘Create from’ features list? I see this directory, “C:\Program Files\PDF Architect 5\resources\Templates”, but it only contains 3 files without extensions. I’m using PDF Architect Pro v5 with OCR. I can’t believe someone hasn’t asked this question already, so what am I missing? Thanks Ed


I am unaware of any templates for PDF Architect, may I ask which feature list you are referring too?
The one one our website has the following features listed for the create module:
Create PDFs from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more
Generate PDFs from the Print menu of any app
Produce PDFs from images or directly from a scanner
Batch create multiple PDFs at once

But I will be more than happy to look into this if you can point me to the information.

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Under the pro/form feature list:

And while looking for answers I found you mentioned it in this post:

Thank you very much, I was only looking at the description of the create module but thanks to your links was able to see what you mentioned in the original post. It seems this feature was last present in PDF Architect 1, all newer versions don’t have it anymore. If you like I could send you a free PDF Architect 1 license key, it is possible to have both versions installed at the same time. We will of course also update the information as soon as possible.

Thanks, I would really appreciate that. It was one of the reasons I purchased the pro version.

It is the least we can do,
I have sent you a key and link as pm.
I should perhaps also point out, that you can of course use any PDF file as template, as long as it isn’t protected against modification with a password, so you can “reuse” any forms created through PDF Architect 1 templates in PDF Architect 5, or create any number of own individual templates.

OK - got it and installed. Thanks, I tried one of them out. Looks like what I need, including some examples of actions using Javascript. Thanks Again.