Program setup - Multiple printers installation


I have to deploy multiple instance of pdf creator on windows 7 clients. I know how to deploy profiles with parameters but I don't found how to install multiple printers on program setup.

I see in other pdfs soft its possible with argument "/Printername FirstPrinter, SecondPrinter"

I try with PDFCreator 2.1.1 but it doesn't work.

If anyone has a solution, it will be great.

Thanks in advance


you can specify the name for the first installed printer during the setup, but additional printers need to be added afterwards, you can use the printerhelper.exe which gets installed to the PDFCreator path for this, e.g. printerhelper.exe /AddPrinter YourPrinterName . Depending on the version you are deploying, an additional /PortApplication “path to PDFCreator.exe” parameter is required.

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This is exactly what I need.

Thank you very much.