Providing a Autosave filename via the registry doesnt work


I have
installed the server version of PDFCreator Windows 7(64) with the
intention of printing files directly to PDFCreator and instead of
setting the options of
the Print Monitor I set the registry entries under the default …
HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\PDFCreator\Program branch so that I can specify a filename each time.

Prior to printing the registry entries I set are …

UseAutoSave to 1
UseAutoSaveDirectory to 1
AutoSavedirectory "C:\Temp"
AutoSaveFilename "SAM.pdf"

for some reason the print monitor ignores this and reverts to using
what is defined under the AutoSave option of the Print Monitor options

Can this be done using the Server Install version ??. and How can I do it …



I think the problem here is, PDFCreator doesn´t check for registry changes all the time, you will need to use the COM object for this.