Reader opening after save?

PDF creator 2.4.1 installed, windows 10.
Prior version of PDF creator automatically opened the created pdf file after it was saved to a location selected on the computer.

this allowed review of the printed page and allowed physically printing the pdf file.

PDF creator 2.4.1 reacts in a different manner.
I can name the file, select the storage location and save, but the file is no longer opened automatically to view or physically print.
I cannot find a setting that will allow this previous function to work. Previous version of PDF creator allowed this feature.

IS there a setting I am missing?

I have adobe reader DC installed and it opens a pdf file when clicked.

this is due to a changed behaviour of Windows with opening files with the default application.
We are working on resolving this, but for now you have to use a workaround:
Instead of using the "open document" action, you can use the "run script" action like this:

Best regards