Redacting without showing a black box

I want to use the redaction option, but I always end up having a black box where the redacted text/graphic was.

Other programs allow you to choose the color to use, where the redacted things were.

Is there such an option in PDF Architect?


proper redaction in PDF Architect only has black boxes. It is possible to create a filled rectangle or other shapes of any color with the “Shapes” tool of the review module, but the shapes will only cover up the visual part of the element below it. they don’t remove the actual underlying content from the PDF, like the redact tool does.

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I understand that black is the standard way.
If I am unable to choose the color of the redacted area, I will be forced to use adobes product, since this method is way too complicated a method, to achieve the same effect present in Adobes product. Shame.