Redirected printer on remote desktop

Hi, I am PDF Creator install on Windows 7 64bit and I need print to PDF from remote PC (64bit) to  PDF file on my desktop.

I have a problem with remote connection. When I connect using remote desktop to PC, in " devices and printers" not print  "PDF creator redirected". Earlier, when I connect from pc x86 (32bit) redirected printer there was and all worked without prolems. . Can you help me? Thanks.


version 1.5.1 is about to be released, even thought this issue hasn´t directly been adressed, please try updating first.



I have the same troubles on remote desktop sessions to windows 7 computers. The PDFcreator printer is not redirected. I have an 1111 event, but both client and server have the same PDFcreator release (1.5.0).

This is not the case with XP remote connexions, everything works fine.

Is it a Windows 7 issue or a PDFcreator issue ? any help will be fine

Thank you



I have download and installed release 1.5.1 on 4 computers (2 XP and 2 Windows 7)

It is always the same issue for remote printers (in RDP sessions):

From XP to XP : PDFCreator printer is redirected

From XP to W7 : PDFCreator printer is not redirected*

From W7 to XP : PDFCreator printer is redirected

From W7 to W7 : PDFCreator printer is not redirected*

* in both cases I have the system event 1111 TerminalServices-Printer "Le pilote PDFCreator requis pour l’imprimante PDFCreator est inconnu"

Any idea ?

Thank you


When you installed PDFcreator, did you install both the 64 and 32 bit versions?  You mentioned that one O/S was 32 bit and the other 64…

I have not seen this option which let you choose the 32 or 64 bits version !

However on my 4 computers used for tests, 2 were XP 32, 1 was W7 32 and 1 was W7 64 and no one was able to redirect PDF printer on remote sessions.

From W7 (32 or 64) to XP everything is working fine, but from XP (or W7) to W7 (32 or 64) no PDF printers are redirected.

I thought it was a firewall issue, but even if I disable it, no PDF printers are redirected.

The only