Registration for using as COM

Hello, must be PDFCreator specially registered for using via COM on customer's computer ? If yes, please tell me how.


Thanks, Karel

No there is no special registration necessary. All necessary registrations will be done during the setup.

Thanks Frank, but I  have problem by one of my customer because he made common installation of PDFC nevertheless after accesing PDFC via our application (COM object) an error message Interface not supported is generated.

Dont you know what should you focus on for solving this issue ?


Thanks a lot.



Hi Karel,

Uninstall, reboot und a new install didn't help?


Hi Frank, we tried it but no success. It is very interesting that concerned customer is a municipality office with many computers (and many installation of our software) and PDFC does not work at none of them. Simultaneously it is one and only customer where we have such problems.Could not be problem for example in security context, using special AV software etc ?


Thanks for any idea. Karel