Relationship pdfarchitect and pdfcreator?

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As per the subject line: I wonder what the relationship between pdfarchitect and pdfcreator is?

And why do you call PDF Architect free (, when it is absolutely not in any sense of the word? After installing pdf architect I never thought about it again, until I wondered why my PC had become incredibly slow. I then found out that the so called helperservice.exe of pdf architect demanded a lot of RAM, while I never even used the program!

Are you guys aware that you have a very bad press at CNET: from both paying and free users?

Do you realise that you give both free software and open source software (with regard to pdfcreator’s presence on sourceforge and its connection to pdfarchitect) a bad name?



while I agree with you that the helperservice.exe shouldn’t be slowing down your computer, most of the statements made on CNET are either related to outdated versions or simply not true. None of the free features were removed in version 2. You can still rotate/delete pages and batch merge/convert documents to PDF. The snapshot feature was added to the view module and is also free.  Most users are totally satisfied with the software and there is also a 30 day satisfaction guarantee which allows you to get a refund in that time period without even stating a reason. I can also assure you none of the users complaining on CNET actually contacted us about their problems, because nearly all of them have an easy solution.
The only real complaint from a paying user was he bought the application 2 weeks before an update was released, which can’t be prevented and he could have simply asked for a refund as his purchase was only 14 days earlier.

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