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when saving file: the feature "Replace" in is very nice. However, some programs send the-whole-path to the file printed as the , and so it's impossible to strip the basic file name (without path) just using find/replace functionality.

Would it be possible to add a way to remove part till the last "/" or "\" from title, or to implement regex to find/replace, which would allow to search for ".*\" (or similar) and replace with ""?




please try using the or token for this, or have you tried these already?

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... No, I will; I'm still using PC 1.7.1 (as rel. 2.0 installer comes with OpenCandy, which I'd like to avoid).

My 1.7.1 doesn't know ; it just knows ; but but I don't know how programs and PC use/assign this token.

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  I also encountered same issue by PC 2.2.1. PDFCreator can not generate the correct filename by token. 

1. In Profile settings, set the title is under Document Tab.

2.  In Profile settings, set the Filename Template is under Save Tab.

but however it will generate the pdf file with empty filename. Can you advice how to generate it with the filename same as source file?


the problem is that most applications don’t pass the actual filename to the printer, so the token only works in a few cases like when printing from notepad++.
Usually the gives the best results.
In regards to the original post, we are working on implementing regular expressions for the title replacement. OpenCandy isn’t included in the current installer anymore, as it caused to many false alerts in security software.

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