Report bug: convert empty txt file to pdf + filename of txt document

Just to report some possible bugs in pdfcreator 1.1.0 (don't know about previous versions):

adding an empty txt-file gives an error. It happens when I add the file by using the icon or the menu, not when drag-dropping it to the monitor. I also happens when I use pdfcreator through commandline with argument /PF and /nostart and configured with autosave on etc..

By using drag-drop I see it going through the printqueue but no physical pdf-file is made (I would expect an empty pdf file)

ps: workaround are always welcome!!!


PDFCreator 1.1.0 - Error message
          Error-Nr: 6 (Overflow)
          Modul: frmMain
          Procedure: DocumentAdd
          Line:      50530
          Date/Time: 01-13-2011 / 15:55:49
 Windows XP 5.1 Build 2600 (Service Pack 3)
  [TerminalServer WinXP WinXPProEdition IsWinXPPlus IsWinXPProEdition]