Request: autoupdate control via COM interface

I would like to be able to turn off autoupdate feature when using PDFCreator via COM interface. Direct editing of registry is a bad habit. Autoupdate feature is also a problem of batch processing beacause modal window with update question stops an action.

Hello there! Easy feature to implement, don’t you think?

The clsPDFCreatorOptions class has a UpdateInterval option.

I have some notes that say the values are:

'Update intervals: 0 = never, 1 = once a day, 2 = once a week, 3 = once a month

Although, I’m not sure if the parameter is working at the moment.

Thanx for your answer. I’ll check this info.

I think best solution would be not to detect new version regardless of the value in registry when PDFCreator is launched via COM interface.

1.6.2 has same issue. Will you fix this? This is an EXTREMELY BAD habit for automation controls to block a working thread.