Resize PDF within PDF creator?

Hi there,

I am currently running a script with PDF creator and that has been working great for years! However, we now want to use the Send to physical printer function and it works OK. However, it cuts off the top and the left side of the PDF. There is unfortunately no way to format the page size within the software we are printing from (and when we print normally to a printer we have no problem). However we want to be able to print and not have these margins cut off. Is there any way to reduce the size of the PDF a tad so nothing gets cut off? We've tried image compression and turning down the DPI but this doesn't seem to do anything.

Thanks for any help and love the software!


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Hi Joey,

Thanks for your kind feedback!

Please see if the PDFCreator printer and your physical printer use the same paper size.
You can change the default paper in the printing preferences → advanced.

I suspect that one of the printers has letter as a default and the other A4.