Resolution / Print Quality

If you go into the Advanced tab of the Printing Properties for PDFCreator printer device,

PDFCreator Advanced Document Settings
There is an option under the Graphic branch named
Print Quality. The default is 600dpi.
I’d like to change my default to 300 dpi.
I can change it on the fly for an individual print, but I can’t find anywhere to set the default.
I’ve looked in the Registry (Windows 7) & found the PDFCreator section, but nothing in there changes regardless of my Print Quality setting.
Anyone know where that gets set/stored?

Since I know you’re going to ask:
Why a lower quality setting?
We’re printing E size architectural drawings (30" x 42") and at 600 dpi, we’ve had PDFs end up over 100 Meg. One file in particular is 108 Meg at 600 dpi and 8.5 Meg at 200.

I’m using 1.7.2, but as far as I know, this is version independent
I’m not talking about the embeded Image resolution, but the overall.


if you change it directly from the printers and devices section of your windows control panel, it should stay permanently. If you change it from the printer dialog of your printing application, it will only be temporary. 



Thanks, Robin. Quick answer!

I’m doing this for an office of 140 people. 
Is there anyway I can push a Registry setting, or config file? 
Or some other means of using Windows/Active Directory/Logon script to automatically hit everyone instead of visiting 140 machines?

Thanks again.