Reverting to PDFCreator v1.51 to get old version of PDF Architect

I installed v1.6 and got the “new Code base” PDF Architect v1.0.41.

I can’t rotate, delete or multi-select pages in the page preview.
Only ONE page at a time and it takes 3 clicks each!

The old version I could multi-select and delete page in the page preview.
I could right-click on any page and rotate in the page preview.

In V1.6 you must select the page in the preview (Left pane) then right-click in the main screen (and click and click) to either delete or rotate.

I’m scanning 100s at a shot and almost half the pages must be deleted.
Too much work for me!


all legacy versions of PDFArchitect are available for download here: , you don´t need to revert your PDFCreator version.