Roll paper / continuos paper

How is possible setup PDFCreator to print on roll paper (continuos paper) ?
I see in printer setup at custom paper definition but option button is disable (grey) and there is no way to use it

thanks for suggestion

I have the same problem. Any solution to this problem?

I wrote mail to pdfforge and I got this answer:

"Thanks for the reminder! I was quite busy because we’re preparing a new release.

After some testing I found out that PDFCreator is technically capable of creating PDFs in a format like 5cmx70cm.
Follow this guide to setup a custom paper in the PDFCreator Printer: support.hp com/us-en/document/c03890386

If you choose the paper size in preferences and print a test page, PDFCreator will create your custom sized page. Printing a .pdf sized 5cm x 55cm to PDFCreator will result in a pdf with the size 5cm x 70cm.

I think it’s possible to make it work somehow but at the moment this will take some effort on your side.
You might also check if your Receipt printer(s) are capable of cutting the paper from a specific token. I’ve found the following answer in a quick research: stackoverflow com /a/35623048
However, I’ll gladly ask our devs to accept this as a feature request."