Rotation not working in 1.5.1

I am using the code found here to print out an Excel file to PDF.

Some sheets are portrait and some are landscape, which I have set within Excel.

When printing to PDF, PDFCreator gets the page orientation correct, but rotates pages: for example, the first page in my document prints as landscape, so landscape pages are fine but portrait pages are rotated 90°. This happens whether I print through VBA or print to PDFCreator manually and then combine the files.

I’ve tried PDFArchitect and it works to rotate the pages back, but this is a process that will be repeated often so it’s not realistic to do this every time.

I’m using version 1.5.1 on Windows 7 if it’s relevant (I know it’s an older version but that’s what IT will allow at work).

I also tried going into printer settings (in the Control Panel) but changing the orientation there didn’t affect anything. Are there any settings I can alter manually or in my VBA code that will stop the rotation?

I don’t know the exact vba script, but you can code a quick and relatively simple macro/subroutine in VBA that extracts to PDF directly without needing to go through the PDFCreator print to pdf functionality. Check google groups public Microsoft excel programming (or something like that)

Thanks for the response. Yeah I’m aware of the exportAsFixedFormat option to go straight to PDF, but I need to merge multiple PDF files together