Run Time Error (at 406:278) Access Denied


I am upgrading PDF Creator 1.7.3. While installing the
version 1.7.3, it gave a message that old version needs to unistalled,
for which I agreed to.

After the old version got uninstalled, the new version could not be installed. It gives the error message "Run Time Error (at 406:278) Access Denied"

I can reinstall the old version i.e., 1.7.0. Again after manually
uninstalling the old 1.7.0 version, I am unable to install the version

Please help me to install the version 1.7.3 on Windows 8.1

Thanks for your help


does a setuplog.txt get created for the incomplete setup?
At which point of the setup do you get the error, is it at the beginning?

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