Runtime Error (at 357:383): when trying to update PDF Creator

Up to about version 2 all PDF Creator updates installed correctly. Now they give ‘Runtime Error’ messages. The latest content is given below:

Runtime Error (at 357:383):
Access violation at address 7C929F07. Read of address 41504D4F.

I am running with Windows XP Pro
A similar issue has been reported previously but with no solution given.

If I uninstall PDF Creator (I think it is version 1.9) I cannot install versions 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3.
Only reinstating an image back-up restored the capability (a quite long procedure not to be used lightly).

I have no desire to abandon PDF Creator but, it is proving to be an annoyance which needs resolving.

Please help.


do you have SP3 installed for Windows XP?
Do you get the error message while uninstalling the old version, or while installing the new one?

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Thank you for responding to my query.

Yes, Windows XP Pro is fully up-to-date with SP3 and subsequent Microsoft patches.

To clarify, the error occurs during installation attempts (see attached screen capture).
I have previously successfully uninstalled my current version but, the error still occurs when trying to install a later one.
As I said before, I was only able to retrieve PDF Creator by time consuming restoration of a previous system image file (and then updating all my working data files).

I hope this helps.

Kind regards.

Walter Stamper

Hi. I had version 1.9, but it gave me some problems creating pdf/a files. So I uninstall that version and I’m trying to install a newer version, but I have the same ‘Runtime Error’ message of the first post. Now I cannot download my previous version (the older version I can download is 2.3.2, and even this one give me the error message)

I’m using Windows XP SP2.