Save location of new PDF's

Hi All,

After installing PDFforge's newest update, i'm not able to change the filelocation when saving a new PDF file.
I've created already more then 10.000 pdf's like that , but since the update it doesn't work anymore.

every time i change the "store location" of the new PDF , the location stays on the " Default " location , altought the settings are set to another location .

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sorry for the trouble.
I am afraid I wasn't able to reproduce the issue, could you kindly describe your workflow in detail?
Here is what I did (which worked):
1.Print the document to the PDFCreator printer with some random profile associated to it.
2.Change the save location inside the "Folder" field inside the PDFCreator print job window

The file was stored inside the path entered into the print job window

If you just want PDFCretor to remember the last save location, you need to leave this blank inside the profile settings->this was introduced with PDFCreator 3.x

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Hi Robin ,

Thank you for the reply.

This is the workflow i do;
I Create a document in Illustrator , and print this to PDFcreator

Then i select what kind of document i made ( in this case this is "Handleidingen" )
This directs to " R:\HAND_PDF "

But when i change the profile, the folder doesn't change along with it. Alothough this is set-up in the main menu.

I have several paths created, so the last save location isn't a option to use ..

I also reinstalled the program 3-4 times, and with the last time , i even peformed a re-install where i deleted evrything first.

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Hi Alexandre,

you can work around this by assigning one printer per profile and then directly printing to the desired printer.
Changing the profile during the print job will not overwrite the value inside the print job window, as the user might have changed these in advance.

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These printers are already assigned in advance.
Each profile has another printing location.
( See some examples : )

This worked perfect before the update, after updating the software, the printing location simply doesn't change allong while selecting another profile .

Is there otherwise a way to return to a previous version of the software ?


Hi Alexandre,

the screenshots don't show the assignment between profiles and printers, what I mean is creating multiple PDFCreator printers which all use individual profiles inside the "Printer" tab:

This way you don't need to select the profile during the print job but can directly select the desired printer when printing from Illustrator or other apps.

Otherwise you can find the old releases here:

Best uninstall and reboot before installing an older version.

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Same happened to me... i have 3 profiles attached to 3 virtual printers: no more working after the update.

The solution Robin.W Provided works :slight_smile:

Altough it is a work-around , this is the only thing that worked .