Scan directly to PDFCreator

I would like to be able to scan directly to PDFCreator. Now I open MS Word or other program scan into it, then print to the PDFCreator printer.

Thanks for a great product.


thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately scanning directly to PDFCreator is not possible. Scanning directly to it, would need an almost completely new program.

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I too was hoping I could use PDFCreator as a substitute for Acrobat. None-the-less, I’m intrigued by your workaround. What version of Word are you using and what do you mean by “scan into it”? What’s your workflow?

Hi Again:

By the way, you can also upload documents to Google Drive and download as a PDF. Only thing is that you need to combine documents ahead of time.

Yup, that still doesn’t solve the problem of marking up or signing paper documents.


you can do this with our editor PDF Archtiect after activating the free create module, most scanner models are supported but not all.

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