Security alert pop up at the end of the installation

Hi everyone,

Trying to package the installation of PDFCreator 2.4.1 which I downloaded from this site. At the end of the installation, when I get to the window saying the installation is completed, a pop up open and says something like :slight_smile:

Security Alert
This page require a secure connection including server authentication.
Certificate editor is not trusted. Do you wish to continue.

I tried to install the certificate, didn’t work. Any idea?


did you install Web Companion together with PDFCreator?
In any case this is nothing that could have an impact on the actual PDFCreator functionality as far as I know.

Best regards,


I don’t know what is Web Companion so I guess not!

PDFCreator works fine after the installation. But I am trying to package a silent installation. I have to get rid of that pop up somehow.