Send email after saving


I am looking to receive an email whenever a PDF is printed. I chose to go the route of creating a powershell script around the cmdlet send-mailmessage to send an email to myself when a PDF is printed. I have the script setup so that I can run powershell C:\scripts\script.ps1 -docname “My PDF” from the command line and it will send me an email saying that “My PDF” printed. 

But this is not working from PDFCreator using the actions after saving options. I have the program/script set to C:\scripts\script.ps1 and the program parameters set to -docname “” but nothing is emailed to me. For troubleshooting, I changed the script to write a file locally that just writes the -docname in the text file. Neither is working so it appears PDFCreator is not running the script. Any suggestions to get a powershell script to run after saving a PDF?