Send email immediately with Outlook

I use PDF Creator to send documents by email. I checked the box "send an email after auto-saving", which prepares a new email in Outlook 2010 with the attachment ready to be mailed.


The problem I'm having is in fact with Outlook, but since Microsoft was unable to help, I was hoping maybe someone here could offer a tip.


I need the email to be sent out as soon as I click "send," whether the main Outlook window is open or not. As it is, if Outlook is closed, the email just sits in the outbox with the user incorrectly thinking that it has been sent.


If anyone got a fix I'd be grateful.



you could write a script that opens Outlook and use it in actions after saving, this way you can make sure Outlook is always open when an email is sent with PDFCreator.





Thanks for the idea Robin. Let me see if I can come up with something.