Server 2008, auto-save


Following some long-term usage on 1.2, I upgraded on 1.3, trying to solve an issue I thought I was seeing, not I can confirm what I'm seeing.

I installed 1.3.1 using /expert and installed in server mode.

I have a srvany Service setup for "c:\\Program Files (x86)\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreator.exe" using a domain user account that can write to a network share.

I configure auto-save to save to that share: \\\\ubiq-serv1\\users\\\\

The service is running (as that user, and I can see pdfcreator.exe in the taskman)


But, if I send a test print nothing happens.

I find that I have to run the PDF Print Monitor, as an Adminisitrator, at which point printed jobs then process and get put into the user home folders.  If I run without Elevated privileges, or with just the service running, the jobs don't get processed, they seem to be queued somehow.

I'm guessing its something to do with UAC.  Any idea??



when running PDFCreator in server mode it always needs to be run as Admin or it won´t work.