Setting Initial View

 I've been looking and I can't find this option.

Is it possible to set the "Initial View" document property in PDFCreator?  I know how to change this for each document in Adobe Acrobat, but I'd like to set this automatically when I print the document in PDFCreator.  Acrobat and other viewers don't allow users to override the initial view setting in the PDF document.

In my case, I'm trying to set the initial view as follows:

Navigation Tab: "Pages Panel and Page"
Page Layout: "Two-up Continuous (Facing)"
Magnification: "Fit Page"

My apologies if this is simple or if it's addressed elsewhere in the help docs.  I just couldn't find it.

I've attached a screenshot of where this is changed in Adobe Acrobat.


I also started having this problem within the last several months.  It appears a lot of people do not like this. 

It would be nice if adobe added an option to control the navigation panel when a pdf is opened, especially since they are probably the ones who have started this issue.

I'm too interested in this question, it seems not to have found an answer since 2010. Maybe Ghostscript does have / not have this option, I did not find out.

BTW Nitro Reader does have this option, but NitroReader hangs altogether in MS Word.