Setup always installs Architect 5, but disabled

There is a bug in 3.1.2 setup of free version. I explicitly disabled Architect in setup, but it has been installed. Can you fix this setup bug, please?

Dear Marc,

Thank you for your feedback. It is not a bug!

I have downloaded PDFCreator Free (version 3.1.2) myself trying to replicate the issue on a fresh virtual machine. After unchecking the PDF Architect 5 box within custom installation it all looks well. However, after the installation summary the setup of PDFCreator will promote PDF Architect once more, which can be easily missed.

I have already spoken to our developers and asked them to show this last promotion just after users uncheck the box for PDF Architect. However, I believe there are technical (programming) issues to make it happen.

Kind regards

I'm sorry, but I cannot find what you are talking about. I clearly disabled Architect in Setup. See my screenshots, please.


If Architect is later installed without my selection it can only be a bug. Maybe you can run the setup yourself like me?

Hi Marc,

sorry for the trouble. After performing the steps displayed in your screenshots, you should have received the following screen:
If install is clicked on that screen, PDF Architect will get installed regardless of the previous selections.
It isn't required to use expert mode in order to deselect PDF Architect from the list of components, but in any case deselecting it will add the additional info screen to the setup.

We were also able to locate a bug, but it included pressing the back button on one of the steps, so I assume it was a different issue? (this is now fixed).

Best regards


Ah, I understand. You intentionally try to confuse people with confusing and unclear buttons to install it only in hope to make money later. This is horrible usability and totally unclear.

If I deselected the Architect it means do NOT install it. Trust me it really means NOOOOOOOOO! No reason to try to convince me again. Please remove / skip this screen if the feature has been desected before.