Setup of PDFCreator 2.3.0 contains VIRUS

Hello everybody!

Running the Setup Routine of PDFCreator 2.3.0 on a freshly installed Windows 10 with AVG AntiVir in the background, I got a warning that the file “CBStub.exe” (what seems to be the setup-stub for loading additional installer components during the PDFCreator-Installation) would contain the malware “Win32/Stallmonitz”.

Can you please check this?
The installer was downloaded from this original site - so no questionable source was used but only the official download.

We all appreciate this great piece of software - so please make sure that no malware or other stuff like OpenCandy etc is distributed as a “hidden payload” with PDFCreator.

Thank you!



thank you for the feedback. It is possible there is a false virus threat detection due to the fact an offer screen is loaded during the setup.
It only displays an optional offer and nothing will get installed additionally without your acceptance.
All files on our servers have been checked before uploading.
If you feel uncertain, please see the result if you upload the setup to where most software correctly identifies the file as safe, if something is found, it’s the offer screen mentioned above.
An ad free setup is available here for a small license fee:

The “InstallMonetizer” (Stallmonitz) your antivirus software found, is responsible for the mentioned offer screen.

best regards,