Shrunken backwards output (posted solutions do not work)

I am trying to create jpg output from pdfs using Acrobat Reader printing to pdfcreator.
This is in pdfCreator v1.6.2, under Windows 7 64bit, and Acrobat Reader v10.1.1,

Most of the time it works fine, the problem is that every so often the first page of the output will be fine and the rest will be shrunken and backwards.
I've been through all of the forum answers on this topic and they all refer to workarounds that won't work for this scenario.

The pdfs have random mixed page sizes, so I cannot hard-code or force the page size and also cannot turn off "Choose paper source by PDF page size" in Reader.  Downgrading Acrobat Reader to v9.x is not an option either as the pdfs aren't always compatible with v9.x.
Is pdfcreator simply not a good fit with Acrobat Reader's print output?

Any ideas are welcome, and I can throw together some vbscript or something if need be to "manage" the print jobs, I just need to know what to try.

Any/all help is appreciated!

Guessing from the deafening silence that this is an unsolved problem, so if anyone else runs into this I ended up working around it by having a script read the page count then go into a loop and print each page one at a time.  A nasty hack but it works well enough for this purpose.  Ugh.