Sigmaplot help- Date on x-axis

Hi there,

I’m new to SigmaPlot. I have V 12.5. I’m trying to to
make several line/scatter graphs, each graph containing multiple lines.
In each case the x-axis is date. On one graph, I got date on the x-axis
no problem: I instructed the graph creator to use a column I had labeled
“date” as my x factor and it showed up in month form (Jan, Feb, Mar
etc) on the x-axis. The second graph I tried to make is exactly the
same, just different numbers and slightly different dates in the year
2013 rather than in 2012. I have tried formatting the cells in this new
date column exactly as they are formatted for the 2012 date column, but
no matter what I do I can’t get the date to display properly on the
x-axis. When I click on the x-axis to attempt to format it, I select
“major tick” labels-- in 2012, it displays the x factor as “date” and
provides a list of options for how to display date that make sense. But
in the 2013 plot, it displays “x-axis” instead of date and only gives
inappropriate display options. Does anyone have any suggestions on how
to solve this? I have tried “format cells” in the spreadsheet,
instructing them to be date or numerical or whatnot, and nothing has
made sense.

Thanks very much.