Signing PDF takes long time


We are starting to implement Client Certificates for Digitally signing PDF's. But the signing process hangs for about a minute (without cpu load). Without signing the PDF, is created and opened in reader in a second.
How can we improve signing speed?
We tested version 2.1.2 and v 3.5.1 free.

regards. John


signing doesn't usually take this long, I can't really tell what is causing this.
Could it be a connection issue with the time server?
You could try using PDFCreator Business, as this uses a different library for certificates.

Best regards


Hi Robin,
There is a problem with the Sectigo CPAC client certificates. I do not know yet what's wrong with it, but signing with Sectigo Client Certificate takes 1-2 mintues. My older, but nog yet expired, Startcom client certificate works flawlessly and signs within a second. Both Certs are SHA256, But Startcom is RIP, so I needed a new Cert provider.
I post an update when I hear a possible solution from Sectigo or the Reseller. For now, it clear that Sectigo CPAC certificates (basic and enterprise) are problematic at least.

Best Regards,